Friday, 21 February 2014

Utter chaos and devastation

...and a woofy smell to boot.

As you can see the sewing room is in utter disarray after the Great Flood.  And it looks like it will be for some time as from our initial digging around under the pavers outside that wall it seems like we have some kind of major plumbing issue under that part of the house and we're going to have to get a plumber in to dig under part of the wall.  Anyway, this all means I'm going to have to take out anything that is still left in there and drag it upstairs for what at this stage will be at least a couple of weeks.  And you see that shelving there with the stash - yep that's going to have to come out too for the diggin's.

However!  Where there are ashes there's a phoenix.  While I was shifting things out I discovered a box (thank goodness a waterproof plastic box!) full of unfinished projects.  Like this cute handbag I made and was in the process of making a pattern for.

I have no idea why I stopped work on it but I really quite like it so I'm going to get back onto that one.  Seeing as I'm not really able to sew at the moment, I may as well get stuck into writing some new patterns.

And then I found this cute collection of fabrics.  I have no idea what project/s I was thinking of here but how adorable are they?

And to think I wouldn't have found these for another couple of years.  Thank you, flood!

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