Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Problem solved. We hope.

Here I am - still camping out in what used to be the music/chillout area upstairs which has now become the sewing room storage area!  But hopefully this won't have to go on much longer.  We had a good old dig around in the drains under the house over the weekend and discovered what was causing the shop to flood.  My father in law bravely stuck an arm into a pipe and pulled on what he thought was a tree branch to instead be greeted by an enormous ex-possum.  It looked like it had been partially preserved by the cold water - very sad to think how it must have died and not very pleasant to find.  I certainly won't put that picture up for you.

I noticed that this time last year I was complaining about the excessive amount of stuff in the sewing room and we also got flooded about that time too.  So I'm thinking the universe is trying to give me a big ole kick in the pants.  So none of this stuff you see in the picture is going back into that room unless I can't live without it.  And before anything goes back in I am going to give downstairs a good makeover.  Yay!

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