Thursday, 20 February 2014

Nature redecorates

Gah!  So... my hubby and I spent all of yesterday afternoon and evening literally manning the pumps to try and stay ahead of the flood of water coming into the downstairs part of the house which, sadly, is where my sewing room resides.  Even with two pumps going it was coming in faster than we could get rid of it.  I managed to get all the perishable items off the floor in time and we've had this happen to a lesser degree before so I already had most of the beloved fabric and yarn stash in (many) plastic storage containers.  Sadly there are a few nice pieces of vintage furniture that were too heavy to move in time so I am waiting to see if the wood (mostly cedar) dries out effectively.

So while downstairs is drying out I have carried the stash and whatever I could shift up the stairs and Teapot and Snail is camping out in the sun room upstairs.  There isn't much space for making things up here so I am using this opportunity to write a pattern for my 2 cup version of the Espresso Express coffee carrier.  With any luck I'll have that out and ready to purchase by the middle of next week.  Providing the heavens don't open up again and keep me down in the basement on pump duty.  ;)

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