Sunday, 30 March 2014

Teapot in Snail

How wonderful!  A teapot in a snail costume!  And the pattern is for sale:
Snail teapot cosy patterns in diy accessories  with Teapot Snail Pattern Knit DIY

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Cosy day

I'm snuggled up today coz we're getting the first of the cold, rainy weather here in Canberra.  I started shifting some of the yarn and sewing goodies back down into the flooded sewing room.  Hubby and I spent the last couple of weeks drying the carpets out and digging trenches outside and putting in sumps.  And just in time too now that all this rain has arrived.  Fingers crossed that it worked and we don't end up back at square one with me squirreling boxes of fabric all around the house.

Just having a little coffee break now (including some yummy gingerbread - here's the recipe I'm loving) to go through some of the great yarns I found in some of those boxes.  I haven't knitted in an age - if you used to read CravE you will know that I used to be a big knitter.  Things changed - ie I ran out of time to sit and knit for hours - and everything got boxed up.  But some of the wool I've found over the last two weeks is just gorgeous.  (Thank you to the moth goblins for not chewing holes in it!)  So I have this little arrangement of colours for a blanket and I might use this vintage scarf they're with to make a cushion.

But then this Waterhouse print with the lovely old frame might be nice with it if I replace the orange with something else?

Anyway, gives me something to muse about while I nibble gingerbread and nurse a hot coffee.  Hope you're having a nice day too  :)

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Chalkboard fabric on Etsy

Chalkboard Oil Cloth:  Fabric by the Half Yard
I just found this great source for chalkboard fabric at a good price from Etsy seller sugarSCOUT. I love chalkboard fabric for making coffee carriers - not only does it look cool but being able to write on it is a bonus for taking orders and remembering which is which.  Grab some for one of the new Teapot and Snail Espresso Express coffee carrier patterns here.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

New Pattern on Teapot & Snail

Espresso Express Coffee Carrier *2 Cup Version* - PDF sewing pattern
Woohoo!  I've finished the pattern for the two cup version of the Espresso Express coffee carrier and it's up and ready to buy HERE!  I've slightly changed the design from the four cup version so it's really easy to make.  I have been thinking about those people just learning to sew and simplified the pattern with them in mind.

Next I will be going back to the four cup pattern and making the same changes to that - it's basically a complete rework of the design but so worth it.  The new method is really simple to do but actually creates a better looking result.

Lovely new patterns from Burdastyle


Aren't these great?  The nicest pattern collection Burdastyle has put out for a while.  Of course I love it because it's been inspired by vintage patterns.  Some of the items will be trickier than others but if you are a sewing newbie I would go for something like the craft apron which looks like a great simple beginner's piece.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Make your own fabric!

I've just been revisiting this great video from Makezine and Etsy, showing you how to make your own plastic fabric from old plastic bags (find the PDF here).  I love any new way to recycle old stuff into something cool and new.

Basically you iron several sheets of plastic together to make a piece of fabric that you can use like vinyl, and if you choose your bags well you can create some really effective results.  I've been thinking about that video for a while - those of you who have previously used my Espresso Express coffee carrier pattern will have seen the link in the pattern instructions.  I thought I'd give it a go to make a 2 cup version of the Espresso Express, since I've just finished writing up the pattern instructions for it. 

I just have to draw out the pattern pieces now and I'll have that 2 cup version of the coffee carrier out this week!

Two cup coffee carrier for Lovely Lacy

Friday, 7 March 2014

Vintage lovelies

Stepped out yesterday to my local fave fabric store Addicted to Fabric and found the little lovely above sitting on a shelf as a display.  This is the exact same machine I learned to sew on as a child.  I can remember making a dress out of one of Mum's old skirts and wearing it so proudly down to the corner shop when it was done.

And then a quick pop in to an op shop to find these completely beeeeauuutiful heels.  Not vintage but certainly have that look about them - love the button.  Sadly they're in a teeny tiny size and I have big ole hoofsies.