Monday, 31 December 2012


Creepy Cocktail Hour by kayajoy

I've had customers ask me recently about using Spoonflower fabric for their bag patterns.  If you haven't discovered Spoonflower yet, go have a look - it'll knock your sweet cotton socks off.  It's basically a website that will print off fabric in your own designs and sell it by the yard to the public.  More recently they have started printed your designs on wallpaper and wall decals too - it's just all kinds of awesome.

One thing though, when you are buying the fabric keep in mind that the width of a yard will vary depending on the type of fabric you choose in the drop-down menu.  For example, linen-cotton canvas is 54" wide but basic combed cotton is only 42" wide.  Cotton silk is 40" wide which might present a problem for some patterns - you might want to get a bit extra!  If you are buying Spoonflower fabric (or any fabric really) for a Teapot & Snail pattern, don't be afraid to email or convo me if you'd like help to calculate how much you need to buy.  There's nothing worse than finding you're just a bit short and having to re-buy.

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