Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Being a resourceful mama

There are times when a mama's gotta do what a mama's gotta do.  We make do with what we have, we fix what we can't afford to replace, and when little dramas pop up we cobble up some kind of creative solution to get us by.

Today in the Bush Capital it is 38 degrees Celsius   That's just over 100 Fahrenheit for you Imperial folk.  We have had a run of nasty temps like this for days and it's wearing us down.  With school holidays on, the focus has been on getting us out of the house and looking for things to do, but with the heat even the swimming pools are only a short trip as the UV levels are in the extreme.  Today in particular we have had all sorts of bushfire warnings - I think the warning rating has been downgraded from catastrophic to extreme but it still sets a person on edge.

So we've headed out to I think possibly the coldest place in Canberra barring the ice rink - a shopping centre near the industrial outskirts of town.  A bit of a drive out in the heat, and it seems, just enough of a drive to put Miss Three-Nearly-Four to sleep.  But what do you do with a sleeping preschooler in a roasting open air carpark when a pram hasn't been a regular part of your arsenal for several months?

Why, you just call Resourceful Mama of course!  And what would her solution be?  A supermarket shopping trolley and a pile of whatever blankets, shopping bags, and towels you could find in the car.  Voila, a teeny bed on wheels:

And now time for a coffee in the air con - phew.  To everyone who's in a bushfire area, I hope you and your family are all safe, together, and OK  Stay out of the heat guys.  Cheerio.

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