Sunday, 30 December 2012


I've been putting together Friends Lego with my daughter recently.  I didn't get this range at first.  I thought it was another pathetic sexist marketing ploy - rather like the Bic for Women range of pens (thoroughly sad).  But now I see how they came up with it.  Because it taps into the kind of creative and role playing games that my daughter and her friends are so into.  They focus on relationships and interactions.  The characters they play with are representations of themselves and the social interactions they have with each other every day. For them, Lego is not about the wheels or the things you can make that will fly or do stuff (all the things that I see my husband enjoy).  It's about making things that the characters can use when they are hanging out together.  I guess our nature is there, no matter how we argue there is no difference between the sexes.  Women and girls building relationships, nurturing, communicating.  The lads focused on building, moving, tearing it up!  There aren't many toys in the "girl toys" aisle that don't make me cringe a little but I'm glad to say this is one I am happy to take home.

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