Monday, 17 March 2014

Make your own fabric!

I've just been revisiting this great video from Makezine and Etsy, showing you how to make your own plastic fabric from old plastic bags (find the PDF here).  I love any new way to recycle old stuff into something cool and new.

Basically you iron several sheets of plastic together to make a piece of fabric that you can use like vinyl, and if you choose your bags well you can create some really effective results.  I've been thinking about that video for a while - those of you who have previously used my Espresso Express coffee carrier pattern will have seen the link in the pattern instructions.  I thought I'd give it a go to make a 2 cup version of the Espresso Express, since I've just finished writing up the pattern instructions for it. 

I just have to draw out the pattern pieces now and I'll have that 2 cup version of the coffee carrier out this week!

Two cup coffee carrier for Lovely Lacy

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