Monday, 11 February 2013

New shoots


This is a funny little fascinator from a remarkable shop on Etsy.  Remarkable in that the seller really is following her artistic whim.  Every piece is an unselfconscious and purely original musing carried out with care and skill.  Very impressive!  The name of the shop is Kreuzzz on Etsy (even the name is quirky).  I think back to my years of crafting and I have often wanted to dabble in interesting forms of craft like felting but have been put off by the need to buy yet more tools and other items that I worry that will end up in the stash.  The sewing room these days is getting more and more packed out.  Hubby and I have been trying to get rid of a few things lately.  It is very cathartic but honestly I wonder if it will ever end.  There is just so much in this house that has to go.  I have been thinking about having a big stash sell-off on Teapot & Snail just to make way for some new things.  I recently found a Gocco printing set at a garage sale for a mere $5.  I'd love to get into papercraft, but I have GOT to get space to do it!  Time for some serious clutter attack!

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