Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Things are changing round here

I turned 40 this year and it dawned on me that I really should be doing more of the things I really care about.  The things that are really me.  Start doing more things my way instead of worrying what everyone else thinks.  Crafting for Etsy has been a real experience and one where I feel I'm learning a lot about myself.  I think I'm beginning to see who I really am.

It occurred to me that I've actually been looking for a change with my Etsy shop.  And sometimes a change forward is, in a way, a change backward.  One of the things I miss doing is sewing for other people. So first of all I am going to bring back some sewn bags.  Just the Sling tote for now as that's been so popular.  And whilst I sell lots of the pattern for the Sling, I also get a lot of requests from people who can't sew and want the bag made up for them.  I had a little shop around at one of my fave lil spots this morning and found a bunch of cute stuff.  What do you think?  Can you see my fetish for retro fabric showing through?! Hopefully some of you non-sewists out there will like the choices:

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