Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Up and running

Hello everyone!
Teapot & Snail has been on Etsy for a while now but I was thinking there is so much going on behind the scenes that you don't see on the shop - I just had to share it in a blog.
Every time I design one of my sewing patterns there is a process I go through - thinking about what people need and want to make, finding ways to make things in the least complicated way possible and with materials that are easy to get hold of, and of course delving through the gorgeous myriad of fabrics available.
Sometimes the choices are so endless I don't know where to begin. Like this beautiful bouquet of goodies:
My current obsession is with the Japanese fabric house Kokka's Echino collection and above are two of their latest lovelies, Viewfinders and Sunglasses, which I used to create the enormous beach/travel tote, the Overflow bag:
It's a really simple pattern and holds a crazy amount of stuff. We do a lot of family trips to the coast so I couldn't live without mine. Check the pattern out here:

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